NOOK Design - working practices within your home.
In response to COVID-19 we have adopted several new working practices that are strictly followed when working in your home.
We will follow all guidance and protocols issued by HM Government and Public Health England,

You can down load the Government Guidance on Working in Your Home HERE 

over and above this advice we have also put in the following procedures:

We have adapted our fitting techniques so that as much as possible of your project is pre-built in our workshop, therefore reducing

the amount of time that our fitters are working in your home.

Each member of our team has been issued with their own personal hygiene kit including anti-bacterial soap, nail brushes and towels

they use this to hand wash whenever they arrive at our workshop and then again on leaving.

All our installers carry 70% hand sanitizing gel to regularly disinfect their hands.

On arrival at your home your installers will be wearing Virustatic Shield snood type masks with an antiviral coating, these masks prevent and protects against airborne transmission and are comfortable for working all day.

They will also wear  disposable gloves when it is practical and safe to do so given the detailed work and tools they need to operate. Importantly  they will use hand sanitizing gel when ever they move from your home to their van and van to your home.

Face mask 2.jpg

Your lead installer is likely to have carried out our technical survey and therefore fully understands your project and should have minimal need for guidance from yourself. In an ideal situation we will be able to work in your home while you are out of the house,

if you are at home we ask that strict social distancing rules apply and that you allow a safe working space.


Unfortunately we also have to ask that you do not offer hot or cold drinks, your installers will have brought their own refreshments

which will be taken during the day in their vans.


Where possible we ask our customers for dedicated toilet facilities during the time our installers are working in your home,

and ask for our customers patience also in allowing our installers to wash hands on a regular basis, using personal soap and towels.


All of us at NOOK Design are following a strict COVID-19 Risk Assessment to minimise our potential to spread COVID-19,

and understand the importance of self-isolating when required.

All of us will sign up for any and the latest 'Track & Trace' app. and ensure we have our mobile with us and the app. enabled at all times.

If any of our team either display symptoms of the virus, or are living with someone who has symptoms (however mild), or are contacted via the "track & Trace" app, they will adhere to the self-isolation guidelines.


If this effects your Nook Design installation, you will be informed as soon as possible.


We also ask for you to let us know if you or anyone in your household are displaying symptoms or are self-isolating.


Thank you for you're understanding and patience in allowing us to continue working with you during these difficult times.