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TV wall with desk area and pantry, painted in Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue No. 281

Swarland, Northumberland

1764-4 copy.jpg

Stunning home office in Gosforth. Manufacture in our local workshop from solid Walnut and walnut veneers to fit exactly into the alcoves at either side of the chimney breast. Each shelf is back lit with warm LED's and touch opening doors with solid brass inlays.

1652-5 copy.jpg
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Dear Rhona,

A huge thank you to all of the team - the job is absolutely magnificent.

The whole team were so neat and tidy and a pleasure to be around.

What could have been a stressful period was not at all and that's a real credit to the team.

With all best wishes

Giles and Rachael.

Mr H has worked mostly from home for some years on the dining room table, only having to clear his desk on occasional family gatherings. WhenMrs H also had to home work, that arrangement became totally unsatisfactory!
IMGP1664 copy.JPG
The completed design gives plenty of space for Mr & Mrs H to work separately and store their own work materials and files,
with a movable filing cabinet under each desk area, one large narrow depth drawer and two very large deep drawers and a huge store and A3 printer cupboard.
The large cupboard is lined in oak veneer which will in time become the china and glass store.
Electrics have been altered to provide hidden power for computers & charging and all sockets and light switches changed to copper.
Lighting hidden by the ornate cornice brightens the ceiling and copper downlights matching the handles
over the desk areas are perfect for work and also display.
The back panel of each desk area is lined with antique beaten copper to add detail where bottles are likely to be
displayed at some time in the future.

Finished in Little Greene Chocolate Colour, walls in Little Greene Sage Green and paintwork in Farrow & Ball Old White ,


“We found working from home together had is challenges!
NOOK’s design has proven to be the ideal solution,

thank you so much!”

Mrs H, Northumberland

IMGP1446 copy 2.JPG
Previous client Mrs E from Gosforth returned to NOOK Design when she wanted to covert a spare bedroom into a home office but still be able to use as a bedroom when required.

Along the wall where the bed was originally placed NOOK installed a run of full height wardrobes fitted with shelves and hanging rails, between which sits a dressing table area, with large mirror and over lighting.

IMGP1450 copy 2.JPG
On the opposite wall NOOK built a single bed that folds away and converts into a des k in a simple one-handed movement.
(You can even leave the computer and work stuff on the desk as it folds into a bed).

Matching bookshelves, cupboards over the bed and a filing cabinet on wheels allows ‘work stuff’ to be kept out of the way when a guest stays over.

Evans desk.jpg
IMGP1448 copy.JPG
Finished in Oak veneer with a hard furniture wax protective coat with copper handles the end result works well as an office, but also provides a homely guest room.

“FABULOUS, love it,

great place to work from home and still have a spare room when we need it,

many thanks”


Elizabeth, Gosforth


Home Office

painted in Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone No. 275






IMG_4634 copy.jpg

A professional embroider Ms. O wanted to update her sewing room.

With plenty of storage for fabrics, a sewing table for two machines. Moveable cutting table with drawers, re-wired with new convenient sockets and natural day light lighting along with some very suitable button handles.


Completely redecorated and finished in Dulux Barley White, creating a comfortable and very practical work room.


"I found you on Google!  

Then a close examination of your website and reading reviews and comments.  

I think it was the picture on your site of the jigsaw drawer with the jigsaw piece cut-out opener that made me think we would work well together!  


And, I think, we have - despite the less than ideal circumstances during the ‘



I’ve found it an easy and even enjoyable process and have been impressed with everyone’s professionalism."

Ms O, Sunderland

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Balancing your laptop on your knee with papers strewn across the floor is OK for a while but…..


…. working from home certainly

      can have it’s challenges.

Whether it is your faithful pet wanting some attention……


…or those productively-enhancing housemates known as children


You may struggle to find the calm, concentration required for effective work.

One of the joys of working from home is rolling out of bed and sauntering over to your workplace without so much as changing out of your pyjamas.


The downside is that it just doesn’t feel like work, so unless you are going to be video conferencing over Zoom or Skype where you may wish to don a more traditional work outfit - change out of pyjamas and feel somewhat pulled together, but not uncomfortable.


This gets you ready for the day and in work mode, but still feeling good.


The challenge for many is finding the right place to work, if your designated workplace is uninviting, small or impractical, it will immediately take the morning spring out of your step.


We’ve looked at some of the problems you may encounter when setting up your perfect home workspace and present some NOOK solutions that can up your home office productivity and help keep that work / life balance.


Challenge 1: Lack Of Space


Luckily, most of us need little more than a laptop-sized desk surface, creating a workspace doesn’t require a whole lot of room although a dedicated home office / study is a wonderful space to treasure.


Challenge 2:  Lack Of Light


Unfortunately, the unused corners of your home are often also the dark corners, but a well-lit workspace is a must.


Perhaps your desk can switch places with a piece of furniture that doesn’t need optimum daylight illumination.


If not, see if there’s the possibility of bringing in natural light by creating a skylight or using glass blocks in a section of the wall you’re facing.


If possible position your work area near a window, facing a window may be distracting for some but may aid creativity in others, with a window behind you natural light over your shoulders will certainly brighten work time.


Maybe a folding desk under a window that can be folded out of the way when not in use?


If all else fails, brighten your workspace by painting the walls a light shade, hang a mirror in a position where it reflects natural light from the nearest window, and accessorise with cheerful colours.

Home study & bookcase.jpg

Certainly some sort of storage, a bookcase or filing system is almost always a necessity.


A cleverly designed NOOK, cranny or recess may well do the trick.

You might find an unused corner of the hallway or under the stairs, a messy walk-in wardrobe, an empty area next to the fireplace, or an awkward space behind a door, maybe the upstairs landing, or your hallway.


These could become the perfect spot for a small, discreet home office.


Importantly, make sure you have more than one light source, including a good desk lamp, and maybe  some indirect lighting for example, built in to your storage shelves.



Challenge 3: Lack Of Privacy

While a closed office / study door is no guarantee for peace and quiet,

it sure helps.


If that isn’t possible, improvise with room dividers like shelves which can double as office storage, potted plants (which will improve your office air), or a translucent folding screen.


Noise-cancelling headphones are a godsend in busy surroundings.


Challenge 4: Lack Of Storage Space


What you lack in square footage, you can make up by going high, with shelves and cupboards all the way to the ceiling and trays at eye level to augment a small desk.


Make sure you have at least one “messy drawer” where you can fling anything that is in your way, everything else should go into well-organised folders, files or a desk tidy.


A clear desk policy is both a productivity boost and a great way to minimise the inevitable distractions of working in your own home.


You’ll also be glad of a neat desk when it comes to video conference calls!


If the only space you have to work is in your bedroom, try to make it blend in, so it’s not as obvious and conspicuous.


Challenge 5: Lack Of Distance Between Work And Home


In order to switch off after a long day at the (home) office, it’s essential to create some separation between your living and working spaces.


Make your office disappear behind a sliding screen or by creating your workspace under your staircase and fitting doors shut at the end of the day.

Office in cupboard.jpg

Or hide the desk totally within your fitted wardrobes.

Why not paint the work area to match and blend in with the rest of the room?


In the perfect world, create a whole new room by converting a spare bedroom

into a cool home office


or convert your little used garage into an exciting new living space which adds value to your home as well.

Alternatively, if you do not have the space to free up inside, you can opt to add an outbuilding to create a garden office.

The good news is that if you want to construct a small garden office planning permission is not normally required and building regulations will not normally apply if the floor area of the building is less than 15 square metres.

garden-office 2.jpg

What ever your requirements for a home working office, study or workspace, NOOK design can take care of everything, from converting your garage, opening up your under-staircase area, transforming a fitted wardrobe, building bookcases or room dividers, building a dedicated outdoor office or simply providing a bespoke size desk, we have the skills and expertise to help.


Please get in touch by calling 0191 580 8550 or email

Light green legs desk.jpg

Working from home tips


So if you work from home and have a dedicated office or small work NOOK – here are a few tips for improving your “office” days:


Create a routine


Working from home has tons of perks, but it’s so easy to get off track and spend your day catching up on household chores rather than actually getting career-work done.

To help put structure in your day, create a routine for yourself.

Decide what time you want to be sitting down checking emails and getting started on your work and stick to it.

Write a list of to-dos and an allotted amount of time for each task.

Jobs around the house still have to get done, but these should be before or after your allotted work time.


Have a dedicated work space


Having a desk or an office really gets you in the “get stuff done” mindset.

Creating a space for working at home can also give you a sense of accountability. If you notice it’s mid-morning and you haven’t made it to your desk or office yet, you know you better get in gear.

Make it enticing – add personal touches that make it inviting and inspiring, even if just a favourite computer background or photo!



2-minute end of day sweep


Make it a point to sweep your desk at the end of each day.

Take 2 minutes to clean up the area around where your working.

Take coffee mugs back to the sink, wipe it down, put things away, set yourself up for an easy, clutter-free morning to follow.


Learn when to unplug


One of the downsides of working from home is you never “go home” because…you already are.

This can make it super hard to know when to shut down the laptop and stop looking at emails.

Being plugged in 24/7 is really hard on a person, so make yourself a schedule where you unplug at a certain time and stick to it – you need to recharge as well as phones!


Batch errands


If you work from home, take advantage of a more flexible schedule when planning errands and appointments which need you to leave the house.

Use a whole afternoon to do these each week so that you’re not coming and going or getting into different mind zones each day.


Eat away from your desk


Eating in front of your desk is extra tempting when you’re at home, but give your day more structure by moving away from your desk for lunch. Eat outside or a different place in your home, but break it up.

What ever you do, if you are working from home - enjoy

NOOK Design