About Us

Our Approach


However hard you try, the space under your stairs often ends up difficult to keep tidy,

or if currently boxed in, is unmanageable, impossible to access and wastes space.

It's also incredibly easy, no matter how hard you try otherwise for your hallway to become a dumping ground, or the back door to fill with the clutter of everyday life.

NOOK designs bespoke, made to measure furniture, to accommodate your specific requirements. No matter what angle your staircase, no matter how slim your hallway or how small the space available, we individually manufacture storage, display or seating to ft perfectly within the available area using every nook to best advantage.


We aim to create practical well designed and attractive spaces you may not even know you had, or maybe did not know what to do with!

Any work taking place inside your home will always undertaken with a degree of trepidation. We understand this and do our very best to minimise any disruption, by working cleanly and efficiently, and always keeping you well advised.

We only install one project at a time, and never leave any project until you are delighted.